About us

Established in March 2010, the Civic Institute is a Warsaw-based political think-tank, which acts as the intellectual backbone to the Polish political party, the Civic Platform. Amongst its core responsibilities, the Civic Institute produces research and expert analyses with the principal aim of fostering a more fair, democratic and sustainable world. Its approach is best summarised in a motto: „We think to act. We act to make a difference”.

The Civic Institute is committed to the following objectives:

  • promoting civic society ideas
  • exposing threats to the quality of public life
  • enhancing the quality of public debate
  • creating mechanisms that improve cooperation between politicians, citizens and the media

We aim to achieve these goals by:

  • initiating social debates
  • producing high quality reports and analyses
  • organising conferences, trainings, lectures and workshops
  • partnering and cooperating with Polish as well as foreign NGOs, foundations and associations